Why do Arsenal get so many injuries?


By Rachid

Recently many of our first team players have been returning from injury such a Mesut Özil and Olivier Giroud. However, they seem to be swapping places on the physio table with other star players, most recently Theo Walcott. Chamberlain was also out for a lengthy period, Wilshere is very injury prone at the moment and Aaron Ramsey is also out, but why do Arsenal always have so many injuries?

Gilles Grimandi, an ex-arsenal midfielder turned scout has a theory that it is because of our style of play. Arsene will never give up his idea of possession play and Grimandi believes we therefore receive more tackles than the opposition and eventually one tackle, out of frustration, will not be aimed for the ball but the player. This sounds reasonable but then why do teams like Swansea who have the same tactics not suffer in the way we do?

Another theory was that we have so many small technical players that they are more injury prone. This would also make sense as we don’t have many strong players like Yaya Toure to be able to take those tackles.

I’ve also heard ideas that we play in so many competitions, that we over-use players and don’t rotate the squad enough. Arsene Wenger came out at the beginning of the season stating that he didn’t like rotating his squad. We usually use the same players week-in, week-out in defence, a bit like Newcastle did a couple of seasons ago. As the season drew on, those players got tired and became prone to injuries. This may happen to us if we are not careful. The reason for our lack of rotation may be in our lack of depth. In midfield we have plenty of options but in attack, we only have Giroud as a reliable player. It didn’t go unnoticed at the end of the year he was starting to fatigue. This should be a position we need to strengthen in the next 14 days. We are also a bit light at the back so maybe a young defender could help ease the pressure and would be able to learn from the Koscielny – Mertesacker partnership.

Another theory is about the way Arsene prefers to train his players. He doesn’t like them in the gym, but prefers them to practice on the ball instead. This links to the first theory in the way it means we smaller weaker players.

It’s unlikely that just one of these variables is the reason why we seem to suffer more injuries than other top teams, but more likely to be a combination of all of them. Although we do suffer more injuries than other teams, it feels like we have more injuries because of who gets injured. It is always top, top players that get injured at arsenal and it’s always at the most critical times.

Here is our current injury list:

• Thomas Rosicky (Nose)
• Aaron Ramsey (Thigh)
• Thomas Vermaelen (Knee)
• Mikel Arteta (Calf)
• Nicklas Bendtner (Ankle)
• Theo Walcott (Knee)
• Yaya Sanogo (Back)
• Abou Diaby (Knee)


What are your thoughts Gooners?