What went wrong?


We’ve just lost 5-1 to Liverpool and that doesn’t happen unless something goes terribly wrong, but many of us are struggling to put our finger on what that was.

First thing we’ve got to look at is our defensive performance. In the first 20 minutes, we conceded 4 goals. The only explanation that can be given for this is our lack of defensive shape. When we play our best, we always have a good shape to our play, whether that’s while defending or going forward. Today, we had neither.

Our full backs went forward way too much and Arteta was hardly anywhere to be seen. The other midfielders did nothing all game defensively. Szczesny didn’t have a great game, making some shocking decisions. Our midfield was so abysmal that while we usually play through the defence, to the midfield and finally up to Giroud, the defenders resorted to hitting it as hard as they could up the pitch.

There wasn’t much to be happy about going forward either. We lacked our usual flair and couldn’t break through the Liverpool defense. Our midfield were non existent, and every time Sagna got the ball, he gave it to Metesacker or Koscielny, who had Sterling and Sturridge breathing down their necks. I don’t know what the tactics were today, but they definitely didn’t work.

You may just think I’m going on a rant, but if you watched the game you will understand what I mean. Obviously not everyone played this bad, Wilshere and Chamberlain were not so bad, and Rosicky didn’t have his worst game.

However, in general, the team was shocking. Is this our title challenge over? No. City and Chelsea are also going to drop a few more points here and there.

City have drawn with Norwich, however Chelsea have taken top spot. This is going all the way down to the wire, so if we can keep up but end up not winning, don’t be too disappointed.