Wenger reveals extent of Walcott injury

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has revealed that the operation on winger Theo Walcott went well but confirmed that he will not be back before the World Cup.

The England international suffered a cruciate ligament injury in the 2-0 meet up against Tottenham and early prognosis suggested Walcott would be out for at least six months.

“It went very well. The damage was real in the knee so he will have to take the needed time, so let’s not be hopeful that he will go to the World Cup – that is not possible. But overall his long-term future is very positive. It’s about being fit for next season now”, Wenger told Arsenal’s official website.

The Frenchman insisted that Walcott’s age of just 24 will enable him to come back stronger than ever and he’ll have no problem regaining his trademark pace.

“I’m convinced (Walcott can come back from this). Studies show that the players around 25 with that kind of injury, they come back as normal. When you are over 30, over 29 you do not ever come back exactly the same. But between 25 and 28 (years of age) you come back to the level you had before.”he said.

“He has said to me he is under shock but he will fight as ever to come back. He is strong mentally and, if you look at his career, he has had a few setbacks, a few disappointments.”

“To go, at 17 years of age, to a World Cup and afterwards to be left out in South Africa was certainly a massive blow to him and he always recovered from it in a very strong way. I am confident he will do so again. I have said we will be on his side and support him as much as we can.”

Walcott has been instrumental in the Gunners success prior to his injury and we will definitely miss him. It’s time for Wenger to get into the transfer market and sign a striker cum winger who can directly replace Theo and also take Giroud’s position if necessary.

Jackson Martinez or Diego Costa will be a perfect fit, however the latter seems more of a dream than a reality. Share your thoughts in the comments below.