The Wenger way; Laughable Moyes


By Chuk1pilla

One would be disillusioned not to expect a teething problem. For a club that had been stable in terms of management for nearly three decades, things like these are bound to happen.

But then again, right from day one, Moyes has handled the situation poorly, and that didn’t help much for the near-smooth transition every united fan were hoping for.

He failed his first test as a manager, not just a football manager, but a human-manager. Change has ALWAYS been a GRADUAL process, humans tend to react badly no matter how positive to a SUDDEN change.

Changing the whole of the backroom staff did him no good in this acclimatization period. He should have stolen a hint from his predecessor’s time and also more recently from their arch rival Arsenal.

Wenger was appointed in 1996, a manager from the J-league and unknown to many. He changed the style and approach of the team alright, but what people fail to understand is that he didn’t go about relieving all Graham’s backroom staff. He kept most of them and most notably Pat Rice. That gave him the foundation on which he made his great transformation of the late 90’s.

Moyes has proved he is a top manager from recent years, but LITTLE things like this make or break you as a top-top manager. He can be a force to reckon with once he overcomes his teething problem, whether united have the required patience is another ball game entirely, especially the fans.

In Arsene we trust