Stop complaining and get behind the team

Lukas Podolski
Recently I’ve seen and heard many Arsenal fans complaining, me being included. But some of the things I’ve heard are absolutely ridiculous, such as season ticket holders refusing to go to the Bayern Munich match because of the ticket prices. Surely if you have a season ticket you should use it as much as you can?! Yes, the tickets are hugely overpriced but if you’ve got the chance to go and see the match then take it.

We should stop complaining and get behind the team and help them do as well as they can, no matter what the circumstances. We may have had a quiet January but it’s worth remembering we got to the top with the same players. Our results haven’t gone as well as we hoped but we should be helping to rectify that rather than crying about how our team is over achieving and it can’t go on forever.

Maybe we are not over achieving, but instead reaching our potential. This is the best we’ve done in the league in years, and we made it through the champions league group of death and we are still in the FA cup. This could be our year.

Arsene Wenger knows what he’s doing. Stop complaining and get behind the team. Our attitude reflects into the players. I’m a proud Arsenal fan and you should be too.