Should Wenger Stay?


After the embarrassing defeat to Chelsea, many have been calling for Wenger to step down, but should he?

He has been our manager for 18 years, and he won many trophies during the first half of that, including the double in his first season. He is the longest serving manager in the Premier League and his tactical know-how is arguably unrivaled. Many people say he is past his time but the last few years have been the years when he is rebuilding his team.

Lets face it. None of us really thought we were going to win the title but what we expected was a trophy. The FA cup maybe? Next year Ozil will be stronger and will hopefully benefit from a preseason (depending on how well Germany do in the WC). Wilshere will hopefully mature. Walcott and Ramsey will be back. The team will have grown and won’t be shouting at each other when things go wrong. Its looking good, isn’t it?

The only players we need to bring in are a right back, a center back, a defensive midfielder and a striker. Can we do that with the reported £100 million being given to Wenger? Easily. We may even get to see a few younger players coming up through the academy and with Joel Campbell impressing at Olympiakos, Wenger may be coming up with another masterplan to get us some more silverware and hopefully repay the favour to Liverpool, Chelsea and City by winning the league next season. Things are only going to get better. COYG!

2 thoughts on “Should Wenger Stay?”

  1. I don`t know if the players are under instructions and play to a recipe concocted by Wenger or there is a general match philosophy and a few inspirational players are allowed freedom to roam and set the tempo, I just don`t know. I can`t imagine pouring Rosicky into a mould but there are too many who can only play to instructions and have little or no imagination. Mert stands there in his little patch like a copper directing traffic and waits for the ball to come to him, which he immediately gives to the nearest friendly player, often the goalkeeper and with the exception of using his height from a corner does little else. Let`s be honest, with his size and weight you can hardly expect much else. So, the problem of purchasing key players remains and every supporter knows just what is needed. We do have a good squad, when everyone is fit, but that`s only good on paper in reality it doesn`t work out that way. Have I said anything you didn`t already know? Of course not.

  2. I’m with you. Not been a great season of late, but we at that stage again where with a few additions we could do it. The fa cup ought to be ours this year. For me, I love Arsene, but this is the final year, during which he has to spend on at least a wc dm and a wc striker. If gnabry develops, Campbell comes back and can perform, theo is fit again, jack can learn to stay on his feet and stay fit, the ox progresses with his direct running at the oppposition, Ramsey can keep moving forward and the bfg and kos keep up their performances why not? With the right additions we could easily make the transition back to pacy and powerful as the invincibles were not high stamina, small and technical as we have become. We will be as good as arsenals summer ambitions.

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