Revealed: Why Does Arsenal Winning Games Feel So Bad?

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Arsenal claimed three points against Bournemouth and with City’s shock defeat at home to Wolves moved to within one point of second place, so why does it feel so bad?

We should be happy. I should be happy.

Arsenal are four points clear of Spurs, one clear in third, one behind City and have lost just one game all season to the greatest team the world has ever seen, yet it all seems so ‘off’.

In the Europa League and Carabao Cup the Arsenal second string are electric. They play attacking football without fear.

Along comes the league, however, and Unai Emery turns in to a coward that concedes possession at home to Bournemouth because he’s 1-nil up.

Make no mistake, no matter how much the pundits bark on about Bournemouth improving in the second half, Arsenal handed it to them on a plate. They were clearly instructed to sit back, let the visitors have the ball and try to hit them on the break.

At home. Against Bournemouth.

It’s the sort of thing mid-table sides do when they come to the Emirates and it’s enough to make you throw up in your mouth a little.

Thankfully, Bournemouth are a little bit rubbish. I woudn’t have fancied our chances against a better team of holding on but let’s all marvel at the zero shots Arsenal managed in the second half.

At home. Against Bournemouth.

Yes, we are second and have lost only one game this season. Good for us. Our league position owes much to the fact we are marginally better than Tottenham, United and Chelsea are this season, but it is not a reflection of us being good.

We are not.

Of course I want to see Arsenal win football matches and I’m happier when we win than when we don’t but do you really want to see this from Arsenal? A side too afraid to take the game to the opposition?

At home. Against Bournemouth.

We are The Arsenal.

There is a time to offer a side respect and a time to try and rip them to pieces.

Now is the time for Unai Emery to remember that.