Premier League Referees Told They MUST Use VAR More From This Weekend

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Premier League refs are set to use VAR more despite saying they wouldn’t.

On Thursday, it was claimed that the Premier League had told PGMOL chief, Mike Riley, that refs were to use VAR more instead of just ignoring blatant penalties and red card offences, to which Riley reportedly responded ‘nah, it’s ok, we’re doing brilliantly’.

I may have paraphrased a little, but you get the idea.

Then, on Friday, it was claimed that Riley had actually admitted mistakes have been made – four in total, which seems both weirdly precise and a vast underestimate.

Still, babysteps.

VAR operators will now reportedly tell the ref to change his call if he got it wrong rather than looking for an angle that helps proves the man in the middle is correct even though we can all clearly see that he isn’t.

“We accept that there were four occasions where the VAR didn’t intervene and where, if they had, there would be a better understanding of the role VAR plays,” Riley said.

“One was a judgment decision. Another was a process mistake. On the two others we were trying to protect the high bar and not disrupt the flow of the game. But on these two occasions the judgment was that, while we want to keep that high bar existing, they were clear and obvious errors and the VAR could have advised the referee of that.”