Premier League manager reveals he can know where a player is from by simply looking at the way they play.

Arsene Wenger has managed Arsenal since joining the Premier League from French side Monaco in 1996. At 65, the Frenchman has both wisdom and experience, from winning the League and FA Cup double to going 49 games in the League without a single defeat.

However, the vast wealth of experience has brought about unusual qualities. In a recent interview on the Official Arsenal website, Wenger revealed that he can determine the nationality of a player by simply watching them play.

“Most of the time, yes [I can tell where they are from].” There’s specificity.” He told Arsenal Player.

He explained how he can differentiate a Spanish player from a German player and an English one:

“In Spain they are good passers with good technique, in Germany they have good mobility and efficient technique and in England they have a good fighting spirit.”

Wenger highlighted that players from Italy usually defend well because emphasis is placed on defending and a lot of tactical work from the youth level.

He also emphasized that Eastern European countries such as Poland produce the best goalkeepers because they do a lot of gymnastics from a young age to help enhance their flexibility and awareness.

The gaffer however concluded that the qualities are now evenly distributed and can be found in various parts of the world, which was previously not the case.