Premier league forward disagrees with his manager on Chelsea’s title hopes.

Arsene Wenger may have thrown in the towel a few weeks ago when he said ‘I don’t see anyone beating them [Chelsea] at the moment’ but his player Lukas Podolski remains adamant that it’s too early to crown Chelsea as Premier League Champions.

Despite being 6th in the League standings – 12 points behind on-form Chelsea after just 11 games – Podolski believes that the competitive nature of the Premier League means the title race is far from done with 27 games to go.

“You can always speak about problems but the season is not finished. The Premier League is the best league in the world. It is not like in Spain where you have two teams or in Germany where you have just Bayern Munich,” said the German international.

Poldi acknowledged that unlike in other Leagues, home and away games in the Premier League are equally hard and one is never guaranteed all three points.

After being told by Joachim Low that he risks being left out of the Germany squad that will play Georgia in the EURO 2016 qualifiers in March next year, the 29-year old revealed that he will have a word with Arsene Wenger to discuss on his future.

“I have to speak to Wenger because the situation at the moment is not good for me. I have to play. I am happy at Arsenal and happy in London but I don’t have the chance to play.”

Poldi has spent so much time on the bench that he’s been branded as Arsenal’s ‘Head of social media’ due to his activeness on Twitter and Instagram.

My wish is that he stays at the club but if accommodating him in the team proves hard then I wouldn’t blame him if he left.


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  1. I will not blame Wenger by throwing in the towel, in surrending the league title to chelsea bicos seeing the quality of players chelsea manager has assembled this season, Wenger has no option than to surrender the title to chelsea. Wenger has acknowledge his failure, bicos he fail to do what is right during the transfer window, and I still keep saying if care is not taking Wenger will suffer his first fall, of not qualifing for champions league this season. In january Wenger and the arsenal board should fortify the teams defence by signing two left footed center back and a strong quality experience defensive midfielder. Wenger’s failure of resigning Fabrigas and Song is really a big mistake bicos these two players could have be of great benefit to the team. So I will like to console Podolski, to ask him like his manager to throw in the towel bicos the league title is over for arsenal this season. Gunners 4ever.

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