Per Mertesacker: An Appreciation


After what has been a rather wretched week it was refreshing as well as cathartic when it was officially confirmed that Per Mertesacker along with Tomas Rosicky have extended their Arsenal contracts.

The German in particular has been excellent this season. It has to be said that he didn’t have the most auspicious of starts to his Arsenal career. Arsenal were ragged when he joined and he was unjustly labelled a panic buy. People criticised him  -‘too tall’, ‘he is too slow’, ‘he ain’t fit for the  League’. They always seem to forget that adapting to a new country,new language, different playing style will all take time.

Per after a shaky start slowly started to adapt himself before breaking his ankle in the Trench of light at Sunderland that ruled him out for the rest of that season. The following season he improved tremendously and he formed a formidable partnership with Koscielny. The two complete each other and one’s weakness is compensated by the other.

This season I believe we are seeing the best of our big fine collecting German. He is an excellent reader of the game and his positional sense is second to none. He has Koscielny to mop up if someone runs in behind and he will cover if Kos goes to pick pocket the forwards.

The man is a true gunner and you could feel it “I have become a real Gunner … I am truly thankful to the club and all the supporters for the time I have had here so far. And today I am deeply proud to have extended my contract with Arsenal. I’m proud to be a Gunner.”. He may not be the fastest or the flashiest but I wouldn’t trade him for anyone. To the little genius in Van Persie, profuse your love for the club after extending your contract. You need not kiss the badge to show that you love the club. Thanks, Per. Proud you are a Gunner.COYG