Mertesacker praises his partnership with Koscielny

Mertesacker and KoscienlyArsenal defender Per Mertesacker has praised his partnership with fellow centre back Laurent Koscielny.

The Gunners have not lost a game that Mertesacker and Koscielny have both completed since 22 January 2012 and Arsene Wenger’s men currently have the second best defence in the Premier League.

The Germany international feels that the impressive record is down to the pair complementing each others style.

“In this case I would say we have different qualities,” he told Arsenal’s official website. “One is more mobile, one has more height. It fits absolutely well together because [these] days the centre backs are not just tall and just have to [deal with] long balls and to head these balls.

“I’ve played with many good centre backs with different qualities. But Laurent, he’s one of the quickest players I’ve ever played with, one of the most mobile players, and he anticipates well a lot of balls so he has real strengths to be a good partner.

“For me it’s easy to play alongside him. Hopefully he’s going to say that to you as well when he speaks about me! We both take advantages from each other so that is the main key [to our success] I think.”

“I think we have shown a lot of people who criticised us a lot over the last two-and-a-half years that we know each other much better now and that we complement each other well, so it looks like that’s a good partnership [with Koscielny].”

Mertesacker and Koscielny complement each other perfectly. The Germans ability to act as cover gives Koscielny immense freedom to chase down opposition runners thus stopping innumerable counters.

Similarly, Mertesacker can challenge opposition strikers for long balls in full knowledge that his partner is there to chase down anything and anyone that goes through. Combine that with excellent positioning from both of them will mean that the opposition find it very difficult to get past them.

Their partnership has been key to our success this season, long may it continue!

Can the pair go unbeaten for the full season?

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