Is Giroud out for weeks?

BvxFsHdIgAAZ295Hello everyone, ok there is some not so great news, the Guardian and Telegraph are reporting that Giroud could miss weeks cause of the ankle injury he sustained in the comeback against Everton. Although there is no official word from the club, the news is contradictory to what we heard from the player himself: “I hope to be on the field Wednesday.” Giroud’s quotes was itself contradictory to what Arsene Wenger said after the game” It’s a stretched ankle… at the moment it doesn’t look too good.” So the news coming now is actually contradictory to the already contradicted one.

I am really confused, its a bit like, everyone knows John Terry is a twat, then the ones on Sky Sports who call themselves pundits say he is a great leader and defender which is of course contradictory to what he really is…a racist twat. If the injury is really as bad as reported, then we are in a dire position.

Sanogo is injured, Podolski we don’t know what’s going on with him and we may well have to play Alexis or Campbell down the middle. Some fans will no doubt take pleasure in Giroud getting injured as it will push Arsene into action. But Arsene never really operates that way and at the moment it makes our already tough champions league match a whole lot tougher. Fingers, toes and whole body crossed. This comes as a crucial blow to us and it cant get much worse than this Ramsey suspended and Giroud now injured. Where are the goals gonna come from Arsene?