[Image] Arsenal stars mock Tottenham

Cazorla Mocking Tottenham (2)

Arsenal stars are certainly having fun mocking Tottenham this season, with Santi Cazorla and Roberts Pires are the latest to rub their rivals up the wrong way.

Earlier this season Theo Walcott taunted the Spurs faithful with a “two-nil” hand gesture as he was stretchered off the pitch during the FA Cup win over their North London rivals.

Cazorla and Pires have now been spotted posing with a sign that plays on the well known Gunners terrace chant. The duo, who were appearing on French TV on Sunday night, were snapped with a female fan. It said:

“What do we think of Tottenham? S***! What do we think of s***? Tottenham!”

The Spaniard however has apologized to Tottenham fans by tweeting an apology on Twitter on Monday Night. He said:

“Our apoligizes to the Totenham fans, we couldn’t see the paper. #alwaysfootballalwaysrespect.”

Cazorla might have apologized to the Tottenham fans but all Gonners did get your message Santi! Love it.