How has January affected Arsenal’s title push?

Wenger reaction

This January has seen a big change in the title race and the transfer window usually can make or break a team’s season, but how has the month affected Arsenal’s season?

At the beginning of the month, just 8 points separated the top 7 teams, with Arsenal, City, Chelsea and Everton making the Champions League places. Now the top 4 teams are City, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool, with Everton just a point behind. Also, now the top 7 are separated by 13 points. Outside the top 4, the table has changed a lot.

Arsenal have also suffered a disappointing transfer window, with the need to bring in a striker not being addressed. However, City have not changed their squad either while Chelsea have made minor additions. This transfer window has only made United more dangerous but it’s probably too little, too late. In this sense, the challenge is still the same as before.

Maybe the only difference is the injuries that each team has suffered, with Arsenal having another long injury list and City having their top scorer suffer another injury. This month also saw Arsenal drop points at Southampton, moving them off the summit of the Premier League, being replaced by City.

In my eyes, nothings changed. The challenge is still the same and the difficulty is still the same, no matter how disappointing the transfer window. We can still mount a title challenge and push City and Chelsea to the end. COYG!