How do we get through February’s hectic fixture list?

The Gunners

By Rachid

As many of you will already know, February is a massive month for the club that sees us fighting on all fronts.

We start with a home game against Palace in the league. This one is probably the easiest game we have all month. However, as Arsene has said many times before, there are no easy games. We really should be fielding a rotated team against this type of opposition if we are to get through the month unscathed.

Next we go to Anfield. Earlier in the season we beat them 2-0 at the Emirates and for the most part dominated the game. Also at this time we had an even bigger injury list than we do now. But the difference is now they have Suarez on top form. Hopefully he gives us another one of his smaller performances like he generally does against bigger sides. I don’t think this is a game to be taking chances with the team but I also feel the fixtures after this are a lot more important and challenging. We should field a very strong team but still keep some players fresh for the next game.

Next is against United who, on their day, are very hard to beat. We need to take out chances and defend solidly against a team like this. Yes, they are only 7th but they have just signed Mata which will probably do the same thing that the Özil move did to us – give us belief. This will be a United side full of confidence and will be trying their best to claim a Champions League spot. This game should be our priority and should field one of our strongest sides from the players available.

Up next is Liverpool again but this time in the FA cup. To be honest I think this is our best chance of winning a trophy and we should go for it at top speed. It will get harder as we continue though the competition but I can’t see us winning the Champions League this season without a bit of luck or the Premier League with City destroying every team they play against. Maybe next season will be our season for these two, especially if we bring in another striker in the summer.

Next is the toughest of them all. We will have Bayern Munich visiting us. With the quality they have in their team we can’t sit back and soak it in or we will get punished but we can’t go all out attack or we will be hit on the counter. We should be putting players in the field that can retain possession under pressure so they are not given any opportunities to score. I would happily take a draw against them and try and win it in Germany.

Our last game of the month is home to Sunderland. This should be the time for players to get their legs back and we should field a significantly weakened team against significantly easier opposition.

This could be the month we make or break out whole season. It could see us crash out of all three competitions or it could solidify our position at the top of the league and take us to the next round in the FA cup. If we get beaten by Bayern Munich I really don’t see us winning by a big margin in the reverse fixture. Also if we sign a striker in the coming days it will help our fight on all fronts and maybe help us win the treble!

I know, a bit optimistic but you never know in the world of football.