Confirmed: UEFA reports reveals why BAKU not fit to host Arsenal vs Chelsea Europa League final

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UEFA’s own report stated that Baku was not fit to host the Champions League or Europa League final, claiming that local university dormitories and campsites would be needed to house supporters.

UEFA have made just 12,000 tickets available to Arsenal and Chelsea fans because they say the city’s infrastructure cannot deal with any more than that.

This seems like something they should have been aware of when they awarded the game to the city back in 2017.

‘The number of hotel rooms within a 60km radius of the stadium falls short of UEFA requirements for a Champions League final and the city could accommodate only a very limited number of fans and sponsors in standard hotels,’ a UEFA valuation report stated.

‘Mitigation measures such as campsites, university dormitories and guest houses would need to be investigated.’

They opted to move to Champions League final to Madrid, handing Baku the Europa League final instead because the fans of teams in that competition don’t matter as much apparently.

However, the same report warned that even a smaller Europa League final would be problematic for Baku.

Thankfully for UEFA, Arsenal and Chelsea’ inability to sell their full allocation due to the nightmare logistics of just getting to the country means that they should have enough hotel rooms for the few people who will turn up.


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  1. EAUFA should know that arsenal fans are over one billion people ,Chelsea fans over hundred million so we say NO to BAKU and considering it is all English teams and security involved,we want it at home Wembley.

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