Chelsea v Arsenal Tactical Analysis

board6-3, 5-1, 6-0 all in one season against your title rivals can’t be dismissed as a freak result or bloody coincidence. The performance in all these matches were downright risible but at least in the City game we had a fighting chance at half time, the Liverpool and Chelsea game were dead within 20 minutes. Almost all of the 17 goals stemmed from individual mistakes and Arsenal were ruthlessly punished.

For a ball loving team as Arsenal, it is a cardinal sin to lose the ball and isn’t that they will be training all week, pass, pass, pass. In the Chelsea game the opening three goals and the fifth goal all resulted from Arsenal’s carelessness. Oxlade-Chamberlain is an exciting prospect and you could understand why Wenger chose to start him alongside Arteta, (read Bayern away) but the Englishman was hapless all of the first half before being substituted. Santi Cazorla put in a shocking show and it has been coming for some time.

Arsenal played a high line from the start and there were some early warnings. Giroud missed a chance and moments later The Ox made a wayward pass, the fullbacks were caught high up the pitch, pace isn’t Arteta’s greatest asset so he couldn’t cover, Eto was found in the space vacated by Gibbs and he curled in a shot which I believe a world class keeper which Szczesny aspires to be should save.

The second was identical to the first, Cazorla was dispossessed by Matic, Schurrle tucked in behind Gibbs, who yet again was so high, and the German fired a fierce shot to Szczesny’s right. The third resulted from Cazorla being overpowered in the middle that led to Hazard’s shot and the subsequent penalty and red card to Gibbs for a handball on the line by Oxlade-Chamberlain. World Class refereeing by Andre Marriner. I seriously doubt he watched the incident in real time.

All the six goals were typical Arsenal shooting their own foot. The fifth was a misplaced pass from Rosicky and then a howler from Szczesny. For Salah’s goal our defence was in midfield. Enough said.

High line is effective only if we press the opposition as a team. Sadly our midfield is too small and easy to play against. Ramsey and Flamini add that bite to midfield, Rosicky does put in a tackle, Arteta is more of a passer, his main strengths are his awareness and positional sense. Wilshere fouls, Cazorla can be pushed off, Chamberlain is too inexperienced. Arteta needs a Flamini or a Rambo without that combo, our team is considerably weaker. It is no coincidence that the performances have dipped without our Welsh Wizard.

Teams have found that our left side is the most vulnerable and have repeatedly targeted and battered it. Cazorla and Podolski don’t provide enough cover and Gibbs isn’t great with his positioning. Why Vermaelen charged high up the pitch when we were 5 down is beyond me. Probably to hack Terry so that Giroud could have a shot on target. Still, Giroud would have fluffed.

What annoys me the most is the mistakes are repetitive and we were punished dearly. The title is, even though I detest to say it, is gone. Next up Swansea at the Emirates.

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  1. What could be worse? 8-2, 5-1, 6-3, 2-0 against top opponents. 140m in the bank for the January transfer window. and getting beaten by 6-0 with an innefective striker who cannot turn and fire, who cannot dribble, who cannot run, who has no pace. He just sits and hold the ball and bring all our midfielders in the play in the third half and during that time, if one opponent snatches the ball , a quick counter we are torn apart, specially as we do not have a real defensive midfielder. That’s great tactics by a not so less great manager, who takes a gamble during each transfer window.
    Really , every time we get trashed i chant to convince myself of the chance we have got that Wenger is going to renew his contract for 2 additional years. Because i am happy like hell that the 140m in the bank (that is available for buying players) will increase thanks to Wenger’s financial abilities and the day will come when it will amount to 220m. Wow, that’s going to be a great achievement for every Arsenal fan.
    Everybody SING WITH ME : ARSENE KNOWS BEST, IN ARSENE WE TRUST. Come on all AKB. Come on CONWAY Wenger is going to make Stan a lot richer. Such a prize for me as a little AFC fan. COME ON EVERYONE LET’S SING. ARSENE KNOWS BEST.

  2. This is a good tactical analysis. 5 of d goals chelsea scored dint come from build up plays it came from arsenal losing the ball and being hit on a counter. To me chesea were more tactical and dey must have studied d liverpool arsenal 5-1 trashing tape. Wenger should av done better tactically especially in midfield in matches like dis u need a real solid DMF and ateta isn’t one. Flamini Arteta wld av been beta in midfield. Chelsea stoped us from playing at emirates so why couldn’t we stop dem also? Finaly no team can win the EPL with a giroud kind of striker up front all season long!

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