[Arsenal vs Dinamo Zagreb Match Preview]: Wounded Gunners need a win

There’s Champions League action tonight as Arsenal welcome Dinamo Zagreb. This could probably be our last champions league game atleast for a year if things don’t go our way. Let’s not get too pessimistic, we have enough things to worry. If Bayern lose or draw against Olympiakos at home (highly unlikely) we are done for this season in Europe’s top tier and could be looking down the barrels of Europa league, the holy grail of Tottenham Hotspur – which probably explains why the competition is so disliked.


Unless you live under a rock or somewhere near Stoke where there is no civilization, you would be aware of the fact that Francis Coquelin is out for two months with a knee injury (via Arsenal.com). The news is more dreadful than John Terry coming in your dreams with his shiny white teeth. Quite how we are going to function without him is something which we will see in the coming weeks. He wasn’t even at the club last year but he has made himself quite undroppable due to his stirring performances and part due to a lack of proper replacement. Mikel Arteta is out injured and Mathieu Flamini is busy saving the world. So let’s not disturb our visionary tycoon. Aaron Ramsey is back after missing a month and that’s a glint of light in a hell of darkness. The forward line can’t be changed and even with our injuries, we should be winning this game.


The Croats beat Arsenal in the home tie and will be confident of getting a result that will eliminate the Gunners. Zagreb will be looking to pounce on an Arsenal side lacking in confidence and general pessimism surrounding the club. Earlier this a week one of their players was suspended for a failed drug test and he played in the opening game. I am blaming our loss on him. That will provide me some comfort.