Arsenal Vs Bayern – a Blog of two parts.


Wednesday 3.35pm:

So here I am, it is 4 hours before kick-off and I have just confirmed my tickets for the match, just 94 English pounds, and I know what you are all thinking – absolute BARGAIN!  I am in a euphoric state right now; I am Buzzing like a Toy Story themed dildo! I am going to see arguably the best Arsenal eleven I have seen for nearly a decade going toe to toe with the current European champions, managed by the second best tactician in world football after our very own professor, and all for a snip under a ton!

I wanted to document these feelings, capturing the moment in a bottle, as in 4 hours and 90 minutes I may be in a very different state of emotions. But that is my own fault, for I have emerged from a 9 year shadow and taken the bold step few of us in red and white have taken before… I have dared to dream!

They say that it is the hope that kills you…. But then again “they” said we would be lucky to avoid relegation after Villa on the opening day. “They” said it would be a miracle if we were even in the race by Christmas. “They” said we were so mentally frail that a 5-1 defeat to Liverpool would mean we’d never win again… Well they say a lot of things! The Emirates is a fortress, Schez doesn’t make mistakes any more, Per hasn’t lost a header in a year, Kos is faster than road runner on crack, and Flamini will kill your family if you go past him. How can they score?! We may be effectively playing the whole of Germany, but we have their jewel in the crown in the form of the mighty Mesut, and I can feel it in my plums that tonight is the night that we get treated to a £42.5 million performance.

And all that for just £94!? Here’s a hundred, and you can keep the change, you can’t put a price on a dream!


Thursday 8.24am:

Like the Hindenburg it seems I was full of hot air and deflated in a matter of seconds. Actually that is probably just the hangover talking. In honesty I am actually proud of the team and the fans. On an even playing field we had the “best squad on the planet” chopped up on toast, our solidarity in defence and creativity in midfield meant that a 19 year old playing his second ever game of football looked like Adebayor on steroids. When this kids learns to play 90 minutes I am going to be justified in drunkenly getting a life size tattoo of his face on my back last night…. But I digress.

I am not really going to comment on what happened post red card, as it was no longer a football match but a defensive training drill, which for the most part we were faultless. People calling for Ozil’s head really need to do some research. He ran the 3rd furthest of anyone on the pitch last night (11Km) only behind Wilshire and the incredible mutant Duracell bunny that is Flamini. I don’t think Ozil has ever been a natural penalty taker, and I can’t understand why we keep giving him the ball. At Real Madrid he had Ronaldo, Benzema, Kaka, Alonso, Modric etc. to fend off before he got a look in at penalty practice. I personally would have given it to Flamini, sure he can’t hit a barn door, but you can guarantee if Neuer got in the way then he would have gone through the net along with the ball!

I gladly would have paid £94 just for the 15 or so minutes that followed their penalty miss. I know people keep saying that the Emirates is getting better, but the passion and noise was up there with the best in Europe! We need more of that – why are we too polite to boo the other team off the ball?! We did it for those 15 minutes and it still felt like 11 on 11. After half time it became isolated only to that old bald Dutch fella, and they looked comfortable in possession, 88% comfortable, and it all became a bit to routine.

But regardless, I had a dream, and the beauty of a dream is that it defies all logic and reason. Bayern are beatable, we have proved that before. Two goals isn’t unachievable, and if the match isn’t ruined by red cards and injuries then I would put my house on us scoring at least one in Munich. They feared us to begin with, which is a compliment to how far we have come. We have everything to lose and nothing to gain in round two, and there is no better sight in Football that an uninhibited, free flowing Arsenal. So strap up gentlemen, as in a fortnights time, we march on Germany. #COYG!!


Chris Bryant-Mansell


2 thoughts on “Arsenal Vs Bayern – a Blog of two parts.”

  1. Totally agree with you mate. Ozil is being criticised for no reason while the other midfielder’s mistakes are going unnoticed.

    1. It does seem funny how there is such a focus – obviously he is a record signing, but how about Tottenham’s record signing – lamella (I know that little about him that I have probably spelt it wrong) he has no press in comparison.

      Ozil’s figures are so good on paper – if only Bendtner could lend him some swag to take on the pitch with him!

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