Are Arsenal a club in crisis?


After the recent loss against Liverpool, many of fans and pundits have dubbed Arsenal ‘a club in crisis’. However, I do not believe this is true.

Yes, we haven’t played our best football in recent weeks, but every team will go through a run of games in which they may not play their best football. The most important thing is to get points on the board. The game against Liverpool was just a blip. The players weren’t concentrating, but towards the end of the game they finally got their heads together and started playing as a team. Obviously not every one did but most of them started being more creative and working back as a defensive unit. If we can start like we finished against United we should get a comfortable win.

Another point that needs to be made is when your top players (Giroud, Özil, Koscielny, etc) aren’t performing, or in our case some not playing, the team suffers and morale goes down. This can lead to bad performances and big losses, such as the one we suffered against Liverpool. To be honest though, with City’s unbeatable goal difference, the only thing we should be thinking about is points, no matter how much we win or lose by.

We can climb out of our dissapointing run of form and what a time to do it against United. We can also show Liverpool why we are where we are when we face them in the cup, which should be a must win game. Two of the top four are leaving the FA cup soon, which should give us a real chance of winning this season. In the league, we are just one point from top.

We are still in the Champions League after pulling through the ‘group of death’. If you told anyone that this would happen at the beginning of the season you would have been mocked until it finally did happen. We are not in crisis. We just need to pull together and create an atmosphere at the Emirates that will spur our team on to success.