“A True Hero” – Fans Shower Praise on Arsenal Star After His Fantastic Display

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Isn’t that always the way, you leave Arsenal because you haven’t been good enough and before you’ve even kicked a ball for your loan club you’re being hailed as a hero for your people by the Ambassador of your country?

Yes, Henrikh Mkhitaryan’s two goals and two assists in Armenia’s unexpected 4-2 win over Bosnia has seen the beleaguered Arsenal man hailed across his country.

The player we saw run the game for his country was the player Manchester United no doubt thought they were buying.

Arsenal must have been certain they could revive him after being destroyed by Jose Mourinho but, alas, it seems like perhaps it was simply life in England didn’t agree with Mkhitaryan because he’s been back on mainland Europe for five minutes and seems back to his best already.

In fact, I’d just written that paragraph above when something pointed me towards Mkhitaryan saying, “I have to enjoy playing football, no matter the place. In England, I no longer felt this pleasure.

“This is not a step backwards as a great football is played here. I wanted to change air and for me it is an opportunity to be seized.”

It’s like he read my mind.

Anyway…back to him being a hero of his people…

“I am convinced that Mkhitaryan will contribute to Rome’s new victories,” Victoria Bagdassarian, Armenian Ambassador to Italy said.

“He is a world-famous footballer and of exceptional professionalism: in Armenia he is truly loved: he is a true hero and a source of inspiration for those who believe that it is possible to achieve their goals.”

Basically it now means Arsenal should get a relatively decent fee if he continues to impress this season. Who would have said that when he left?